Monday, March 23, 2009

Accusations of the Usurper

The Royal court was hushed as the handsome and royally dressed Usurper approached the throne. The Royal Attendants of the King waited expectantly for the King to kick the Usurper out. After all this was the one who tried to oust the King from His rightful position. There was a coldness in the air and were it not for the warmth of the King and His court it would be overwhelmingly icy and chilling. Nevertheless the King greeted the Usurper politely. "Well, my Dark Prince, why are you here?" said the King. The Usurper answered, his voice silky and seductive, but anyone who was paying close attention could almost hear him choke as he said "Your Majesty,... I thought you would like to know what is going on in your own household." "Yes?" said the King coolly, he already knew what was coming. The evil one continued, "You know that Princess you love so much?" Not waiting for an answer he went on, "you know, the one you treat so well. She’s not the pure Princess you seem to think she is." "Go on", the King said controlling His anger. With a voice dripping with sarcasm and glee the Usurper said, "why just the other day...." the King sat silently as the Usurper took out a long scroll, unrolled it and read off all the things that the Princess had done that he knew broke the King’s commands and heart. He strutted back and forth as he read, joyfully enjoying the thought that this was hurting the King. Silently the King rose with majesty. The court was so quiet you could hear an ant creep across the floor. He opened His mouth to speak and said with authority, "bring to me my Son, the Prince of Peace and summon the Princess to appear in her purest white dress.

The Princess sat quietly in her room. She had heard that the Usurper targeted her today but she had hoped that she wouldn’t have to face the King, even though she had confessed all these things to the King’s Son, the Prince of Peace. When she received the Royal summons she arose and looked in her closet. She only had one white dress, it was reserved for Royal appearances. To her dismay it was soiled badly, for it reflected the heart of it’s owner. She got it out and in an effort to clean it found it only got worse. This left her in extreme distress, she can’t wear this to court! Just then the Prince of Peace knocked at her door. "Come in" she tearfully said. "Princess, why are you crying?" asked the Prince. Sire, she said "I can’t wear this into court just look at it" He replied, "Put it on and let me handle the rest". She started to argue but stopped when she looked into His compassionate eyes. She went into her bed chamber, put it on and returned to where the Prince waited. "Let’s go" He said and she silently followed.

The stillness of the court was broken when the Prince of Peace and the Princess entered. Everyone was excited but remained quiet when they saw Him. When they saw her a buzz of talk arose and the room went from stone silence to a roaring den of voices in just a few seconds. The King stood and with a booming voice said one word, "SILENCE". Immediately the room went back to its original quiet. As the Prince of Peace approached the throne the Usurper grinned looking as if he had been handed the treasures of all the universe, instead of the loser he really was. The King spoke to the Prince, "My Son, you know why you are here?" "Yes Father, I am here as advocate for the Princess". "Well what do you have to say on her behalf?" said the King. Interrupting the proceedings the Usurper pranced over to and around the Princess, who stood silently behind the Prince as if to hide from the court. "Well, well, well, would you look at this. Isn’t she a beauty in her lovely almost white dress. Well what do you have to say for yourself Princess?" he asked sarcastically. The Princess didn’t know what to do, she just kept her eyes lowered as she was trying to think of someway to reply when the King broke in and said "ENOUGH! You know better than that, in this court you are not to address the defendant directly."

" Very well", said the Usurper as he turned to the Prince. "What do you have to say for your client?" Again the King said "ENOUGH, I am in charge here!" Then he turned to the Prince and said, "OK it is time for you to present your case". The Prince stood directly before the King and said, "Your Majesty, my client and I have conferred and she confessed her wrongdoings to me and there is only one remedy." Very well", said the King, "present it to the court" The Prince had brought a satchel with Him which he now opened and drew out a cape. It was very large, on it was the royal crest with the word LOVE embroidered in gold but it was the color that was the most significant thing about it. It was stained blood red by the very blood of the Prince. As He pulled it out the Usurper noticeably shuddered and started to protest but the King put His hand up and said to His Son "proceed". The Prince shook it out to it’s full size and threw it over the Princess so she could not be seen. When he drew it aside the court could see that her dress was now a perfect and brilliant white, so white it was blinding the Usurper so that he sank into a nearby chair as if weakened. The King stood, and proclaimed "this case is closed, I see no evidence of wrongdoing." At that the Usurper in a last ditch effort jumped to his feet, "wait a minute now, I have this scroll that lists all the offenses...." He then opened the scroll once more and his face went more deathly pale than usual as the scroll fell to the floor for all to see that it was now completely blank. The King smiled, "as I said this case is closed." Turning to the Usurper with that same smile but not hiding His disgust, "and you, you can leave". "I’ll be back" the Usurper sneered as he flounced out the door. "I know" said the King for all to hear, "but, it won’t do you any more good than it did this time." At that the whole court burst into applause and cheers for the King and the Prince. The King then turned to the Princess, "now my daughter go home and please let the Prince of Peace help you live as you should, But remember if you should slip and commit an offense you always have an advocate in Him." With tears of joy and relief appearing in her eyes she said, "Oh thank you Father" as she bowed and turning to the Prince who had His arms open wide for a big Royal hug she fell gratefully into them. The tears of joy and relief now fell as she said thank you, thank you, thank you my precious brother". The Prince now smiled down into her eyes and said, "remember what Father said. I am always here to help you, just call me." "Wait", said the Princess how am I going to pay for your services? " Not to worry" said the Prince as He walked her home. Before He left He handed her a paper which was sealed, hugged her again and left.

The Princess now safely in her room began to wonder what the Prince meant by "not to worry" and thought it must have something to do with the paper He had handed her. She sat down with her favorite cup of tea and opened the paper. It was a bill and across the front in very large red letters were the words "PAID IN FULL". She was overwhelmed by it all and pulled out pen and paper and wrote a note to the King and the Prince telling them how much she loved and appreciated them and sealed it with a royal kiss.


I Jn 2:1 My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.(NKJ)

By Linda Knox Rubenack

January 16, 1999